My team generates high quality, real-time, opt-in, inbound Credit Repair leads with a minimum monthly revenue of $10K-$20K and have an immediate need for credit repair NOW. They are looking to make a big purchase on a home, car, or business acquisition and can’t do it without your help.

We have a proven Credit Repair lead generation system so you can target higher quality leads than our competitors:

Exclusive Inbound Lead Generation

All of our inbound leads are exclusive and are generated from aggressive and highly effective online, social media platform, marketing campaigns. The leads need immediate funding and have just filled out the webforms in real-time.

Zero Lead Filters

We don’t filter by credit score. We have obtained excellent credit repair leads individuals with high incomes and small business owners that ruined their credit during the business start up phase, but have a terrific monthly cash flow.

Required Information

When a lead is generated, we require critical information to ensure you have all of the necessary information. All of the credit repair leads we provide will come with the following information:
First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Revenue, Time in Business

Statistical Audience Building

By using statistical analysis, we are able to build custom lead generation audiences for use in our ad campaigns. In addition, we only utilize the highest quality videos and images. By starting an ad campaign with custom audiences and build/manage look-alike audiences, we generate excellent quality, Credit Repair Leads. These are individuals who need immediate assistance NOW!

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